So there I was…

…. finishing my western omelette, early at an Alameda coffee shop. I had taken a seat at the counter as had the usual coterie of retired guys and old timers.

There’s always that one dumb bastard who runs his mouth constantly at every counter full of old timers. This morning it was some loudmouth fuck who eventually got onto ‘gays in the military’ after pontificating on every other wayward topic that HE KNEW ALL ABOUT.

Between trolling for some shaming eye contact with this fuck, leafing through Frantz Fanon, and whittling away at my huge omelette, I found myself slipping into the groove i’ve been finding more and more often these days:   Perhaps it could be called, err, something like, “Ice smooth, total ass kick mode.” I don’t normally suffer fools gladly but now I’m taking “the suffer ” to them more and more.

After flaunting his scared and retarded views on showering with fags and how in the Navy, gay sailors would find themselves thrown overboard… I square up just behind them on my way out . > > >

“I’m gay.

Gay as fuck.

and ex-spec4 Sergeant 101st Airborne too.

My unit knew, didn’t give a fuck cuz I could handle my shit.The only problem cases were officers and morons.”

-silence…..I mean whole_room_silence…. —

“The time for you ignint chickenshit assholes is over. If you still wanna try and throw me overboard, we can step outside and you can find out just how I won the battalion-wide bare knuckle championship.”

I took his wide eyes as a “no.”

then I slung my messenger bag and stepped out into the sunshine.


~ by grouchosuave on March 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “So there I was…”

  1. :mrgreen:

  2. Wait, your gay? I fucking KNEW IT!!! Gotta go tell the wife….

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