Bacon to Board Games

Some list/thread nonsense I am blogging by request (cuz i am just that considerate and/or shameless):

    #1 – Bacon Psalm of the Unforgiven

B wrote [in response to a clip posted detailing deep frying bacon (a staple on a particular group list I belong to)]:

after seeing that video you’re not? It’s not Texas (that i’m afraid of-ed.), it’s my lack of bacon/chicken fried anything control. And if you’re not scared of something that big bristling with horns and guns…

Ahhh… BCI syndrome…(Bacon Control Issues)
We know…
we understand…
But, you need to “Come to the dark side, Lu– Butch.” Listen to the experts, man: Darth Vader, Nietzsche, Jack Nicholson and us.

Nietzsche: “That which does not kill you, shall make you stronger.” Therefore, bacon makes you stronger.

Jack (responding in character in The Departed):
“You on your way out?”
“We all are. Act accordingly.”

    Bacon Psalm of the Unforgiven (The Baconomicon, New American Standard version)

“Yea Brother,
as it has been written,
so will it be.
“Pray then in this way:
‘Our Bacon, which art on my plate
Hallowed be thy name.
‘Thy satisfaction come,
Thy crispiness be done
At lunch as it is at supper.
‘Give us this day our daily bacon.
‘And forgive us our vegetables, as we have forgiven our vegan “friends”.
‘And do not lead us into flagellation,
but deliver us from boredom.
For Thine is the bacon, and the power,
and the glory

and the Bacon, forever.
Amen.’ ”

My family tree is on fire.
I wonder if I am going to Hell
and if I will like it

    #2 – SHYSTER – THE BOARD GAME…next post
    Suzi Quatro
    just cuz she is a badass

suzi quatro the badass
Yup this is a Link


~ by grouchosuave on December 29, 2006.

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