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— R____wrote:

> Ok, so if Game Night ever rises again, like a
> nearly-dead-from-alcohol
> JoeFU rising to get in ONE more pit dance to
> Floater, I have the PERFECT
> game!
> You see, instead of giving us bonuses, or throwing
> an insane party or
> whatever, the corporation that owns my company made
> a CUSTOM card game
> and gave each employee (like 100k of us) a copy!
> It’s called the …wait
> for it…
> Wolters Klouwer Knowledge Sharing Game!!!!
> Man, doesn’t that KICK ASS!
> You have to deal out all the cards and build sets
> that you lay down for
> points. The sets are RAD, i can see it now:
> “Colin, do you have any ‘Instruments of Payment’?”
> “No, you suck, cuz check out this sweet set- I got
> Data Platforms,
> BOYEEE, AND take this sweet Global Expansion SET,
> It’s exactly like Chez Geek, but with International
> Corporate Buzzwords
> and with none of the enjoyment.

d____> wrote:

Wow, this is just what my office needs!


      And Grouchosuave sez:

    Why not, man? I’d play it, Dave
    Some of the cards in the deck:

    * Drug Diversion Dipshit: “Client sleeps in (finally) over the screams of their children, misses counseling, misses appearance roll call. Eventually shows wearing one shoe.” Action: deduct 6+1xd6 from client health, 2 Billable-Hour tokens put in Toilet.
    * Stubbed Toe Apocalypse (20 pts. allowance): “Deposition after conference after deposition with Crushing Ambivalence stealing your soul.” Action: Must deduct 1xd10 every turn to just bring the whiner’s case across the finish line in less than 4 turns. Reward: you win nothing. Failure: You have just killed your own Personal Injury Client.
    * ManJam LAN Scrum: “Every site and server unavailable, every document template lost, Your desktop at the office is now a boat anchor. Your partner/or associate and his unattended BitTorrent client that’s downloading Dwarf/Ass fetish pornography, has crashed everything that plugs into a wall.” Action: Roll d20, less than 7:you must try to fix network built by the aforementioned asshole’s stoned nephew (without passwords). Roll above 7 and you leave the office and roll 2xd6: you go for a ride in the sunshine unless you roll less than a 4: You then get pistol from vehicle and thereby end everyone and their problems.
    *GoldenSecretParachute: “Settlement windfall from forgotten bullshit case. Hidden assets of other party discovered while opposing counsel and client totally screw the pooch.” Action: Reverses ‘Stubbed Toe Apocalypse’. You bask in your own brilliance on office fieldtrip to Thailand.

      Joan Jett

      wicked AND bitchin’

    joan jett, bein' wicked and bitchin'

    this is the link, nutmonkeys


    ~ by grouchosuave on December 29, 2006.

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  1. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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