Miuzi weighs a digital ton

microphone bomb
Oh, the joys of having a platform for my genius
So many ideas, so little concentration… Yes, blogging suits me. No surprise really, having been a zinester, ‘street artist,’ and general bigmouth-gadfly. As LawyerDave once said, “Leave it to you to say the one thing no one wants to hear.” Hence the necessary art of humor. To paraphrase Mark Twain: “If you’re going to tell someone the truth, you had better make them laugh or they will fucking kill you.” But I hope to keep it to truth with a little ‘t” and personal truth at that. After all, what else is even possible? Or tolerable? Truth later, FUN NOW!!


#1 – “Do Battle”:
It’s a lazy afternoon and you’re hanging out with a co-conspirator/friend. Watching “World Most Biggest Dumptrucks” for the third time, you think your heartbeat might slow all the way to zero if you don’t get off your ass and do something. Inspiration Strikes!! Half hour later, you’re at the crowded, local dog park. You have wrapped yourself in raw bacon (“The Ham Pants” for you beginners) and are holding hold a fully charged taser. Connect the dots, my friends. Remember: Make sure to bring your pal along; you need someone to hold bail and the video camera.
“I disagree, Officer. I am NOT an asshole. I am a performance artist.”

#2 – “Live Wire”:
Step 1: At local favorite bar one fine night, take up residence in smoking patio with a group of your (unsuspecting) friends.
Step 2: After yelling “Beerfight!!”, proceed to reenact scene from Animal House.
Step 3: Spew warm mouthful of mostly beer on the nearest, neighboring RockabillyDoofus sporting a broken chromosome.
Step 4: Wait for fun.

“I’m a Live Wire, Bocephus!! Mobile, Hostile and Ani-myle!! That beer to your face was just the shortest path to ground.”. NOTE: Be sure to map out secure egress and/or defensible perimeter.

#3 – Spew Madness Under a Pseudonym



Very cool link and reference site for audio/ebooks, learning, writing, editing, researching, etc. Will put the auto in yer didact.

librarian chick


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