Finally… the blog you demanded.

It’s been noted by a few that I really should write a blog (and stop bothering them on the group lists that bear my brunt.) Heh.
So, to thereby encapsulate, codify, and propagate the madness, I’ve really gone and done it now. Except I’m already exhausted by the whole process. Researching blogsites, signing up, editing the template, creating a banner image, image hosting… Sweet Jeebus, I need a ‘breakfast beer’…

I’ll be uploading all the past rants, “Drunken Show Reports” and bORGtard Infinity Communiques at some point to throw up an impromptu archive, but that willl have to wait until I again give a fuck.
Maybe after ‘breakfast beer #6.”

Anyways, here’s my link of the day:
Riot Porn
-more than just streetfights and molotovs. Check out the story about the police in Denmark attacking Ungsdomshuset, a youthcenter and squat: 300 arrested, tear gas, and the bastard cops ran over kids with armored cars (better info and firsthand reports


~ by grouchosuave on December 18, 2006.

One Response to “Finally… the blog you demanded.”

  1. Beware gentle readers. The GrouchobORG rises to violate your sensibilities! If’n ya got any that is. Go Go Grouch-zilla!

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